Why being reasonable is not a good thing

being reasonable is not a good thing

Why being reasonable is not a good thing

[memo from your Uncle G]  Society suggests that you should settle, just be happy, enjoy life, take it easy, be satisfied, do it later.  How often do you hear this from friends, family, relatives?

All these people have advice on how you should just relax and enjoy life and not get your goals met.

Look, as soon as you hit serious economic turmoil in the economy, you’re going to see this fabricated nonsense of being reasonable become the undoing of literally millions of people.

And I don’t want YOU to be one of those people.

Being reasonable is not a good thing.  I want to make you unreasonable.  People have lost the importance of completing tasks and getting things done.

We used to do things with intensity, got it done, wrapped it up, and finished it. There was a different work ethic. And that’s what we need to focus on:

Get unreasonable with finishing cycles.

People are being convinced today to enjoy life rather than CREATE a life they can enjoy.  I want you to create a life you can enjoy.  Hey, we’ll rest later. We’ll take it easy later. We’ll go on vacations later. Right now, we want to create a life.

We want to create financial solvency.

The middle class has been deceived into believing that once they enter a certain income level, they are entitled to a certain lifestyle. And that it’s important to live life rather than create the next level of life so they can truly have freedom.

One of the things I’m working on in my life right now is to complete actions started and complete them as fast as possible. The more I complete, the more I can complete.

The more I finish, the more I want to finish other things.

Be unreasonable in all that you do until it is done.

Quit approaching life as a task. Approach it as a finish.  Get in the habit of approaching everything in your life, every task, action, phone call, follow-up – with a sense of completion and urgency.

This discipline is critical for you to mount up sale after sale after sale.

Complete every action once started.

Do it as fast as possible and then go do another task. And you will actually create time.  Same with closing deals. Don’t put off closing what you can wrap up today.  Become unreasonable. Want more from yourself. And expect more from yourself.

And because being reasonable is not a good thing, how to learn to be that?  First, you must unlearn being reasonable.  We literally have to back that out and then replace it with the correct mindset.  Personally, I can’t think of a better way to do that then by coming to this year’s 10X GROWTH CON !


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