Are salespeople born or made?

Are salespeople born or made

Are salespeople born or made?

That’s the age old question!  Are salespeople born or made?  Every professional trains.  Talented athletes are made great through training.  Good doctors are made highly skilled through training.  Great salespeople are made through training.

When Grant Cardone was 25, he hated selling. Grant hated the phone, he hated prospecting, and he hated everything to do with sales. He even hated the fact that he had to tell people he was a salesperson.

Why do you think that is?  Do you know why? Because, as he discusses in his weekly strategy, he didn’t know what he was doing.  “I sucked at it, I wasn’t producing enough and didn’t have confidence.”

The daily ritual that changed my life was training.

Competence and confidence are critical to how one feels about their business and their industry. The only way to develop competence and confidence is from training.  A professional knows what they are doing and they the strategy down to a natural action. When I was 25 years old I borrowed $3,000 from my mom to invest in a training program. I told her I hated my job and that I had to learn how to do my job better, because if I could learn how to do it and get results I’d probably like it.

When Grant was 25 years old, he borrowed $3,000 from his mom to invest in a training program.  He told her how he hated his job and that he had to learn how to do his job better, because if he could learn how to do it and get results he’d probably like it.

Find out what Grant started doing every morning to start understand the art and science of sales and what he did to give himself a track to run on.  Find out exactly Grant immersed himself into the idea of becoming a professional…

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