How to get more prospects

How to get more prospects

How to get more prospects

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  Look, some people claim how well they can speak but what does it matter if there’s no one to listen?  You have to know how to get more prospects.  Most people that want to speak to audiences are not willing to do what it takes to get the audience.

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you want to sell and make money—you must first find people to sell to…and this always involves sales prospecting!

You could be the greatest salesperson in the world that even knows the greatest sales secret of all-time, you could know how to SUPERFREAK a demonstration, handle all objections like a closing ninja, have hundreds and hundreds of closes in your arsenal ready to use on the spot, but what good is any of that if you have no one to use them on?

You need to get more prospects.

I wasn’t always as well-known as I am today. I had to knock on thousands of cold doors just to get people to even know me when I started my first business.  That is the main purpose of prospecting—to get people to know about you.

Your problem is obscurity.  People need to think of your name and your company first when they have a need for what you offer.  By prospecting, you can create your own economy.  If you are dependent on others, or walk-in traffic, then you will be at the mercy of factors that you have no control over.



You are meeting someone for the first time and they ask you what you do. When you respond that you’re in sales, they immediately hesitate and become a bit guarded. The truth is the greatest salespeople hardly even consider themselves to be salespeople.

They think of themselves as people who are there to serve the customer. A customer is coming to you because they have a problem. There is something that isn’t working right that they need it fixed and they have come to you because they hope your product or service will solve their problem.

Often times though, a customer hasn’t diagnosed or even knows about the proper solution to their own problem. That’s why you as the salesperson are there.

You are there to serve. Look around you. Everyone has problems. So, start serving!