Your Best LIFE: For Better or Worse

your best life

Are you living your best life?

Spend some real time on this question.  Might even be a great idea to take a minute right now and really answer that question truthfully, honestly and without your ego.  Do you even know what your best life looks like?  If you’re not clear on that, try this exercise:

[ACTION IDEA:  Imagine the date is December 31st at 11:59 pm in the year 2029.  It’s about to be 2030.  Another decade has passed.  Without any attached limitations, what does your life look like in 2030 and how did you get there?]

So once you’ve done that exercise, let’s take a look at Grant Cardone’s latest Strategy of the Week titled:

Your Life Has Two Options

And what are those two options?  Better or worse.  Those are your choices.  Those are the only two directions your life can and will go in.  NOTHING stays the same.  Same equals worse.  So when you start looking at how the 20’s will end and 2030 will begin for you, I imagine what you came up with revolved around an improvement of your situation.
Grant’s strategy looks at what it takes to become successful and consequently create your best life.  Create your 2030.  Remember, whatever happens, for better or worse, it will happen because of you.  So here are 6 key mindsets and attitudes with measurable actions you need to take in order to cause and create your best life.

Nothing stays the same, it’ impossible.

Change is happening to us no matter where we’re at or what we’re doing. Things do not stay the same.  They are either going to get worse or they’re going to get better.  And it will be up to you and how that all turns out.

Do not try to fight change.

Change is inevitable.  Everything is changing.  Do not try to fight it or even slow it down.  You won’t win that fight.  The universe is expanding at an exponential rate, your body is creating new cells and destroying old ones, change is happening all around us.  And if you’re going to be living your best life it will require you to move forward, learn new stuff and do things differently.

[ACTION IDEA from the strategy:  “Ask yourself, What am I changing right now or what am I going to reinforce right now so things can get better for me?”]

Eliminate these 9 popular (and bogus) excuses to NOT change:

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. I don’t have money.
  3. Don’t know the right people.
  4. Don’t have the skills.
  5. I’m too young.
  6. I’m too old.
  7. Color of my skin.
  8. I’m a man.
  9. I’m a woman.

You’re guaranteed nothing.

Hash tag bitter ass horse pill.  This is good news and bad news all at once.  It goes right back to the opening question and allows you to take 100% total and full responsibility for your life truthfully, honestly and without your ego.

Everything in your life right now is in direct response and reaction to your thoughts, decisions and actions which means that when you arrive at December 31st at 11:59 pm in the year 2029, it will also be a direct response and reaction to your thoughts, decisions and actions.

Entitlement or Empowerment?  Where’s your attention?

  • Pay attention to your relationships so they’re not a problem.
  • Pay attention to your money so you’re not worried about money every second of every day.
  • And pay attention to the place you live, your environment and your surroundings.

“Everybody talks about what they’re going to do and how great things are going to be, but if we keep it real, what people need to do is look at what are they going to give up.”

[ACTION IDEA from the strategy:  “What are you willing to give up this year and will it be better? Will it be worse? Are you willing to give up some good stuff so that you can have a better life?”]

your best life