Young Hustlers: Three Undeniable Rules for Success

In this episode of Young Hustlers, Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt share their 3 undeniable rules for success.

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Grant and Jarrod will explain to you why you need rules for success.

People will often say that setting rules is bad and you should live in the moment and do what feels right.

Grant and Jarrod both agree that:

“if you don’t have some always, you’ll end up with nevers.”

What this means is that you must have some rules to live by everyday and some codes for how you choose to live life. You must think about where you are going and what you want. Then you must establish some rules, some “always,” some “only practices” (forget best practices) to keep you on the right path to getting you there.

They explain each of the 3 undeniable rules for success:

1. Show Up!
2. Be Consistent.
3. Be Ok With Failure

Grant and Jarrod will offer some great creative responses for how to handle the prospect that has told you to “stop calling” and “following me up.”

Tune in, check in and then check out what they are.  Follow these guarantees you’ll change your game.