The New Normal: Grant Cardone on What’s Wrong With It And Why It’s Dangerous

The New Normal: Grant Cardone on What’s Wrong With It And Why It’s Dangerous

In Grant Cardone’s blog post from Sept 4th, Grant advises that we all stop adapting and start dominating.

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Now I don’t know about you but I’m pretty over it when it comes to the phrase “the new normal.”  I’ve got it up there with finger nail on a chalk board.  Basically, everyone is talking about “adapting to the new normal” and from me and your Uncle G, it’s starting to grind my gears!

Grant says it’s high time people stop adapting and start dominating in the new normal.

Here’s the deal, you do NOT have to constantly be changing who you are, what you do and how you do it just because the situation around us has totally changed.

This kind of thinking, that YOU have to become someone different and do things differently, is counterproductive and won’t get you anywhere.

And it definitely won’t help you achieve any type of success, that’s for sure. If you spend all your time adapting and changing who you are to fit the current situation, how are you going to know what your mission is?  How are you going to define your brand?  Because, Grant will be the first person to tell you,

If you don’t spell all that out for people you’ll just confuse them, if they even pay attention to you at all.

You’ve got to stand for something regardless of what’s happening around you, especially when things get crazy the way they are now. Our mission at Cardone Training Technologies, hasn’t changed one bit this year, we’ve just gotten even more focused.  We are now more committed than ever to helping people, to teaching people how to help themselves.

Adapting to your surroundings like a chameleon is fine…if you want to blend in and play it safe.

But if you know Grant at all, you know that’s not how he rolls.  People who play it safe don’t get to manage no $2 billion dollar real estate fund… for example.

There’s a reason they call a chameleon’s ability to change its color a “defense mechanism”.

You can’t defend your way to success.

How are you going to achieve anything if nobody can see you? You can bet Grant didn’t get to where he is today by blending in.

What is your level of certainty here:

  • Do you know who you are?
  • What are you goals are and how how are you achieving them?

Everything else is just details.  Grant is not doing the chameleon thing.   Wouldn’t you rather be a crocodile?  Look, nobody messes with the crocodile!

Think about your efforts to survive and succeed in these times as a battle and you’re the general.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your own or a CEO, you’re in command.  Generals don’t play defense and wait for the enemy to attack. They go on offense but before they lead their forces into battle they have a plan and they stick to it even when the unexpected happens.  Of course, they know that things rarely play out as anticipated. But if the organization is solid and everyone knows their part in executing the plan then that maximizes the chances of victory. Battlefield or boardroom, it doesn’t matter.

The circumstances may change but the mission doesn’t.

The same thing goes for achieving your goals whether they’re personal or professional.  Make a plan and stick to it.

Bottom line here is things change and they always will.  Accept it.  Who knows what’s going to happen this year or next?  I don’t.  You don’t.  Nobody does.

The only thing you can do is decide who you are, what you stand for and what your mission is?

If you can do that then you’ll be able to withstand whatever comes your way.  So stop thinking in terms of “adapting”.  Instead of letting the situation control you, learn to control yourself.  How?  With structure, routine, and discipline. That’s how the greats, Grant included, have been able to not just survive but actually succeed during recessions, depressions, stock market crashes, financial crises, you name it.

Don’t adapt to your surroundings. Dominate them.

ACTION IDEA: Let’s go back to the two questions earlier

  • Do you know who you are?
  • What are you goals are and how how are you achieving them?

What was your level of certainty on these?  When I ask, “who are you?”  What answer immediately pops into your head?  And you can’t say, I don’t know.  I’m looking for the answer before I don’t know.  The one that comes before I don’t know.  The one you try to brush under the carpet by saying ‘I don’t know.’  That’s what you currently believe.  Does that program need a rewrite?

Your goals and the how?  When you look at your goals, what do you not know about generating the income and revenue necessary to create them.  And so because I threw down income and revenue, that means, “I just wanna be happy” is not acceptable.  That means first, you’re not happy now and second, there’s no real way to quantify that.  Happiness is a state that you decide on.  So if that is actually your goal and your target, how much time, money and energy do you need to be happy?

Dominating your surroundings start in the middle

Dominating your surroundings start in the middle with you and then radiates outward.  Dominate your time, your attention, focus on self-improvement, service to others and getting well paid for it.  And that means you need to pay well when you receive excellent service.  You’ll never get wealthy and you’ll never be happy hoarding, saving, contracting and withholding.

And before you can dominate out you must first dominate within and that starts with taking control of your thoughts, decisions and actions.  You need the discipline, the mindset and the skill to dominate which is where Cardone U comes in perfectly.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of Grant’s offer to get two weeks free on it, make today the day you start domination for yourself.