The 3 ways to look at work

Grant Cardone 3 ways to look at work

The 3 ways to look at work

There are 3 ways to look at work.  How you see work can and will be a determining factor in how much success in life you experience.

  • One, you’re just laying brickssimply doing whatever technical tasks that fill your day.
  • Two, you’re just collecting a paychecksimply paying your bills.
  • Three, you’re building your futuresimply moving forward to your dreams.

All three are true.  But only one is the right mindset to have.

How are you looking at your work today?

Are you looking to build your future?  Do you see work as the vehicle to move forward toward your goals and dreams?  If you’re looking at work as a means to simply just get by and pay the bills, you’re probably not very fulfilled at your job.  If your j-o-b (which can stand for “just over broke” is more of a past time and just how you meet your basic survival needs, then the odds of you absolutely hating your job right now is really high.

How to build your future

Once you understand that only one of the 3 ways to look at work is doing you any good, then it’s time to decide exactly HOW you are going to build your future.  There are three key elements to building your future.  They are covered in depth by our VP of Sales Jarrod on a solo episode of Young Hustlers.  Let’s look at them real quick.

First one is you need to have a life plan.  Building your future requires that you KNOW what your building.  Would you build a house without a blueprint?  Of course not.  Yet how many people go through life without a plan?

[ACTION IDEA:  Imagine it’s 20 years from right now…  Get very specific.  What does your life look like?]

Next thing is you need to know what you’re doing each day to quite literally build out your 20 year image.  It will be the thoughts you have every day, combined with your decisions and actions that will build your future.  So once you know what your future looks like, it’s time to create it day by day.  Your days will be your bricks and your pay checks will be your cement.

Third thing is why Cardone University exists.  If you want to build something, you must have a solid foundation.  And the most important skill you’re never taught is the ability to sell.  Once you know your 20 year target and you have a daily routine to create it, you must ask yourself, what do you not know about creating this life you want and what do you not know about controlling your thoughts, decisions and actions in a way that builds this future?  All the answers will be found in Cardone University.

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