9 Morning Rituals for Success

9 Morning Rituals for Success [Grant’s Success Schedule]

Once you’ve gone all in and committed to create success in your life, how do you adjust your schedule for success? How do you schedule for success? What would be the first steps in creating your success schedule? The following 9 morning rituals for success inspired from Grant Cardone’s Success Schedule will take you beyond time management and into maximizing every minute of your morning and day to enable you to create the success you want and deserve in your life. This is the same schedule that Grant Cardone has followed for over 25 years to fast track his way to success and maintain high levels of production regardless of what’s happening with the economy.

9 Morning Rituals for Success

In this interview with ChiroSushi founder Tristian Schaub, Sales & Marketing Manager David Bradley breaks down these 9 morning habits and rituals.  Here’s the list.  See how you can incorporate these into your daily life.

1.  Wake up early/BSU [start your day doing something you don’t wanna do – character/discipline] 30 minutes
2. Write down your goals and dreams [on paper w/ a pen] 5 minutes
3. Read.  [from an actual book w/ pages and a highlighter and notepad] 20 minutes
4. Study/Train [6 segments in Cardone U] 20 minutes
5. Exercise [move your body] 20-30 minutes
6. Listen to personal development / closing material in the car
7. Hit social sites and wish everyone a happy birthday and congratulate new jobs, etc
8. Sales Meeting [15 – 20 minutes] with the group – no negativity allowed
9. Role Play [15 – 20 minutes] practice selling and closing

For further reading and study:

1.  Visit Cardone University and take advantage of the current special offer
2.  Read Sell Or Be Sold.  Grant’s first book and full break down of his success schedule
3.  Listen to If Your Not First You’re Last.  This audio program is about how to dominate your space and your market with further commentary on the success schedule.
If you’re reading Sell Or Be Sold and listening to If You’re Not First You’re Last, you’ll be in really great shape.