4 Hard Questions That Will Make You More Money Next Year

more money next year

More Money Next Year

Who doesn’t want to earn more money next year?  What would an additional fifty percent look like in your books?  What if you could do it without having to cut expenses?  How does your plan for the coming year look?  Are you putting your attention on expansion and growth or looking for ways to cut costs and save?

Grant recently ran a survey on Twitter asking, “How much additional money could you have made in 2015?”  We got three hundred and fifty-one people who answered the survey with 100% saying they could have made more money.  Grant figures that those that think they got it all didn’t answer the survey because zero was not an option. Of the three and fifty-one, forty-eight percent said more than $50,000.

How about you?  How much more money could you have made last year?  What could you do to make more money next year?  Use this question to really look at how you can expand into the new year.  There are four more questions that Grant uses every year to help him figure out how to grow in the coming year.   Thanks to so many of you, our valued clients and exercises like this one, 2015 was the single best year Grant’s ever had.  We surpassed last year by 50% and that was already a banner year…  until this one.

Grant thought he would share this little game he plays with himself because it has always helped him focus on opportunity and possibility.  I sit down with a piece of paper and ask:

He’ll sit down with a piece of paper and ask…