LEADERSHIP: The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

LEADERSHIP: The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom


This week’s word is something we should always start inward and then also have the humility to allow ourselves to delegate outward as needed. 

WORD: Leadership (noun)

DEFINITION of Leadership:

  • the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
  • the office or position of a leader
  • capacity to lead
  • the act or an instance of leading

ETYMOLOGY of Leadership:

leader (n.)

Old English lædere “one who leads, one first or most prominent,” agent noun from lædan “to guide, conduct” (see lead (v.)). Cognate with Old Frisian ledera, Dutch leider, Old High German leitari, German Leiter. As a title for the head of an authoritarian state, from 1918 (translating Führer, Duce, caudillo, etc.). Meaning “writing or statement meant to begin a discussion or debate” is late 13c.; in modern use often short for leading article (1807) “opinion piece in a British newspaper” (leader in this sense attested from 1837). The golf course leader board so called from 1970.


word-forming element meaning “quality, condition; act, power, skill; office, position; relation between,” Middle English -schipe, from Old English -sciepe, Anglian -scip “state, condition of being,” from Proto-Germanic *-skepi- (cognates: Old Norse -skapr, Danish -skab, Old Frisian -skip, Dutch -schap, German -schaft), from *skap- “to create, ordain, appoint,” from PIE root *(s)kep-, forming words meaning “to cut, scrape, hack” (see shape (v.)).

Leadership:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS:


Leaders know that the most valuable people are not driven by worldly things, but more by lasting personal motivations, like duty, obligation and a sense of responsibility. For any company to be great, the leader must continue to inspire, fuel the mission and provide impetus for the group. No amount of management can make up for a shortage of leadership… Not everyone needs managing but even leaders respond to leadership!”

How are you leading you?

Leadership:  The Wednesday Word