HUSTLE: The Wednesday Word #WednsedayWisdom

When you think of the word hustle, what comes to mind for you?  This week, Hustle: the Wednesday Word looks at the meaning of the word and its origins.  We then are going to challenge you to look at hustle.  How do you see hustle now and how much of it you’re actually doing?

Is it possible you’re not hustling enough and what if it turned out that your hustle was something akin to a muscle.  A skill you can develop.  You can train yourself to get stronger in the hustle and have greater endurance to hustle harder and longer.

HUSTLE: The Wednesday Word #WednsedayWisdom

Hustle Defined:

transitive verb
1st definition:
a: to crowd or push roughly : JOSTLE, SHOVE had been hustled into a jail cell with the other protesters
b: to convey forcibly or hurriedly… grabbed him by the arm and hustled him out the door …— John Dos Passos
c: to urge forward precipitately hustling tourists from one museum to the next
2nd definition:
a: to obtain by energetic activity —usually used with up hustle up new customers try to hustle up some tickets to tonight’s game hustling up some grub
b: to sell something to or obtain something from (someone) by energetic and especially underhanded activity : SWINDLEhustling the suckersan elaborate scam to hustle the elderly
c: to sell or promote energetically and aggressively hustling a new product
d: to lure less skillful players into competing against oneself at (a gambling game)hustle pool

intransitive verb

2: HASTEN, HURRY you’d better hustle if you want to catch the bus
a: to make strenuous efforts to obtain especially money or business  “Our quartet was out hustling … and we knew we stood good to take in a lot of change before the night was over.”  — Louis Armstrong
b: to obtain money by fraud or deception
c: to engage in prostitution
4: to play a game or sport in an alert aggressive manner She’s not the most talented player on the team, but she always hustles.

Which version of the word one are we going to use?