GUARDRAILS:  The Wednesday Word #Wednesday Wisdom

GUARDRAILS:  The Wednesday Word #Wednesday Wisdom

WORD: Guardrails  (noun)

GUARDRAILS:  The Wednesday Word

DEFINITION of Guardrails:

  • a rail that prevents people from falling off or being hit by something.
    “the top bunk has a solid guardrail”
  • a strong fence at the side of a road or in the middle of an expressway, intended to reduce the risk of serious accidents.
  • a railing guarding usually against danger
    especially : a barrier placed along the edge of a highway at dangerous points
    “There were guardrails along the winding mountain road”

ETYMOLOGY of Guardrails:

Guard:  to protect

Rail: a structural member or support

Guardrails:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS

What does it mean to “go off the rails”?  It means you lost your sh*t!  It means you lost control and behaved in a way that is not acceptable or counter to your goals and targets.

What do you have in place to keep you from going off the rails?

You need guardrails in your life.  How are you staying accountable to yourself?  Your true self.  What systems do you have in place so that you can do the right things?  What’s your goal this month?  What are your targets for the day?  Will you do what you feel like doing or will you do what you choose?  One satisfies the moment the other is you operating at your higher self.  BOTH create your future?

Who do you want to be?  How do you stay on target?  What rituals do you have in the am/pm?  Go take a look at your bathroom mirror.  Do you have something written in dry erase to keep you on point?  What’s the wallpaper on your phone and desktop doing for you?  What alarms do you have on your phone to help refocus?

Grant Cardone says that success is determined by the right attitude, the right approach and the right level of action.  Once you know what those are and once you chose success, you have no other choice but to do those things that lead to success and eliminate the things that don’t.  Period.  Guardrails will help you…  stay on target!

GUARDRAILS:  The Wednesday Word