Grant Cardone’s Most Revealing Interview EVER

Grant Cardone’s Most Revealing Interview EVER

Life.  Is it about the journey or is it about the destinations?  I say both.  When you look back over your life up to now, you’ll see lots of destinations and a journey to get to where you are right now.  Regardless of where you want to be, where you are is where you are.  And who you are is who you are because of the decisions you’ve made during the journey you’re on.

The above video has got to be, to date, Grant Cardone’s most revealing interview ever.  Here you have a man highly focused on his destination and having an incredible journey along the way.

There are many, many take aways from this.  So my suggestion to you is to grab a legal pad or open up a Google doc and get ready to take a bunch of notes.  While watching Grant Cardone’s most revealing interview, make sure you’re looking for opportunities to raise your thinking and elevate your mindset.  Because what you’re watching is a man who’s been on a journey and arrived at this specific destination in time to deliver to you guidance along your journey.

If you’re looking to create more for yourself and in your life, taking in the thought process and mindset of someone who has done that is incredibly valuable.  While watching, keep an eye out for areas of disagreement.  Where a part of you reals back a bit because what he just said goes against your grain.  Maybe it’s even the exact opposite of what you were taught.  It’s OK.

Keep in mind, that’s not you…

It’s your journey talking.  You’re current level of thinking isn’t wrong nor is it right.  It’s exactly what you needed to get you to where you are right now.  Your current destination.  Now you’re here.  Where are you going next?  Because where ever that is, it will require a different mind.  Sometimes, you have to change your mind to reach your next level and other times you literally have to lose your mind.

Top 5 favorite quotes that challenge thinking

  • The worst problem in society is boredom.
  • The time to live is now, so be in a hurry.
  • Time is my enemy.
  • I know without reading any book that I have to dedicate TIME, energy, and effort to succeed big at anything in life.
  • 2008 was, for me, a game-changer. That was the ultimate gift in my life.

Let’s break them down real quick…

The worst problem in society is boredom

How is this even possible?  How could boredom possibly be the WORST problem in society?  Think about it.  No seriously, stop reading this and answer the question…  How could boredom possibly be the WORST problem in society?

I’m not going to give you the answer or my opinion.  This is for you to sort out in your mind.  This is your opportunity to change your mind about something.  Consider:  Why do you get bored?  What do you do when you’re bored?

The time to live is now, so be in a hurry.  

How many times since your birth have you been told to slow it down?  And why would anyone who actually means well tell you to do so?  Most likely, there is something they don’t understand and are operating with false data.  But for a small percentage, they actually mean you harm.

The Earth spins at approximately 1000 miles per hour and is orbiting the sun at 490,000 miles per hour.  At these speeds it takes 24 hours to spin once and 365 days to do one loop.  The universe is fast.  Speed is part of the natural course of the universe.

THIS life is a one shot deal.  Time is precious.  How do you spend your nows?  Do you actually “have time for that?”

Time is my enemy.

If this is true, how has it been true for you?  Where has time done more harm than good.  If you’re in sales, this lesson is one that when you get it at Grant’s level, you will immediately become a better closer.

“Time kills all deals”

The longer it takes the worse it’s going to be and the odds of it actually happening reduce at a momentous rate.  Push for a decision and get really good at doing it with class and style.  That means study, practice and learned experience.

I know without reading any book that I have to dedicate TIME, energy, and effort to succeed big at anything in life.

This is your formula for success on your journey and will allow you to look back at your journey once you reach your final destination with pride.  If you’re not proud of your journey so far, this is exactly how you fix it.  Once you define success in your life, you MUST dedicate time, energy and effort.

Define dedicate:  devote (time, effort, or oneself) to a particular task or purpose; devote (something) to a particular subject or purpose.

Questions to answer:

  • What are you dedicating time to now?
  • How much energy are you putting into it?
  • What kind of effort are you putting out?
  • Is your current level of time, energy and effort moving you closer to your destination?

Actions to take:

  • Inventory your day now to understand where your actual priorities lie.
  • Identify if your current output of energy is a.) enough and b.) positive or negative.  Then adjust accordingly.
  • Look at your effort.  Is it crips, skilled and trained effort or is your effort sloppy because you’re untrained, under practiced, winging it and making it up every time?

2008 was, for me, a game-changer. That was the ultimate gift in my life.

Keep it simple:  go back over all the bad sh*t that’s happened in your life up to this point and adjust your perception of it.

Isolate it, then ask yourself:  HOW is this effed up situation actually a gift?

All your problems are opportunities.  If you weren’t up for them, they wouldn’t have happened.  Are you still pining over them?  Then you’re stuck in the past and they’re holding you back.  If they’re not gifts, then they are anchors and chains slowing you down and keeping you from your destination.

What does 10X mean in its essence?

It’s a multiplier. Do more and then do more. Multiply literally multiple times what you’re doing. Success and money are not about adding, but multiplying. And living the 10X life is about NOT setting, it’s about having it ALL. When you start scaling out 10X, the think changes…the mechanism, the transportation, the people you need, the advertising, the budget—EVERYTHING shifts so big that it causes you to think differently.


Final thoughts from Grant Cardone’s most revealing interview ever…  What old assumptions are holding you back?  How attached to them are you?  It’s not enough to just discard them, you must replace with something else that serves you even better.  This is where events like The 10X Growth Conference and our Bootcamps can help.  You get to hear from people who have made these changes WHILE meeting other people looking to get to this level just like .  Then you have Cardone University as the resource center for you to make sure your time, energy and effort is well spent.

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