Grant Cardone and Daymond John

Grant Cardone and Daymond John:  Your business made simple  

Grant Cardone and Daymond John are successful in business because they keep it simple. 

If you work for a company, regardless of what your name badge or business card reads, you are in sales and you are a business person.  There is an evolution taking place.  People typically start out as employees that evolve into sales people.  From there they either evolve into sales professionals and eventually drop the sales title for business person or they get stuck somewhere because they can’t shed their employee think and they’re not willing to work without getting paid. 

If you truly want to succeed and have financial freedom you have to start thinking like a business owner and that means for an employee looking to evolve, you need to start to operating as a business within a business.  

Operating like a business. 

Technically, you’re doing this whether you know it or not.  If you own a business right now, you already know that revenue and sales is the life blood of your business.  But if you’re an employee, salesperson or sales professional, then you may be starting to recognize this whole business of one thing and you, like me, may be trying to figure out where to start with all that.

What are the basics here?  Are there some stable pieces of data that you need to lay down a really solid unbreakable foundation to build a successful business on?

Grant sat down with Daymond John at one of our 10X events, and picked his brain on some real business fundamentals and for you, an evolving salesperson, let’s look at some of these fundamentals, but more importantly, let’s look at how to implement these into your current stage in the evolutionary cycle.

Do you actually want to evolve?

We should probably address that first actually…  Because if you’re good where you’re at then just keep doing what you’re doing.  Do you and bless you!  But if you want more and your reality is not in line with your potential, then it’s time to level up, it’s time to evolve.

Daymond John’s Business Basics:

You have the bottom line, which is cost to operate and then there’s the top line which is revenue.

The only two ways to operate a business:

  1. Reduce cost:  what are you spending money on right now that is not helping you grow your business?
  2. Increase sales:  what are you spending money on right now that IS helping you grow your business?  How good are you at prospecting, selling, closing and following up?

Your most valuable resource

The only three things to do with a customer:

  1. Acquire a new one
  2. Upsell a current one or
  3. Make one buy more frequently

Which one of these do you need the most improvement in?  Are you starting to see how you are a business?

How to get creative: 

  1. Stay broke:  In The Millionaire Booklet, Grant shows you how to save to invest and how to protect your income. “Going broke” doesn’t mean blowing your income on meaning less crap it means put your money somewhere safe until you have enough to multiply it
  2. Stay committed:  The more committed you are to your goals, dreams, purposes and targets, the greater your creativity will get.  When was the last time your level of commitment to something stimulated your creativity?  Think of a time when your level of commitment to something stimulated your creativity.  What happened?  What were you committed to?  Did you figure it out?

Become a master at sales and maintain it:

You must be able to get in the trenches with your people and lead from the front.  You have to set the tone and be the example.  So if you’re a business of one, that won’t scale.  As you evolve, you’ll need to constantly be able to get in there and communicate with your clients, coworkers and partners.  And communication is sales.

Diversity is the mother of innovation:

You cannot have a closed mind and stay successful.  You need ideas from all over and injecting as much diversity into your world keeps things open and allows for a flow real growth, ideas and change.  

If we look at any kind of social upbringing or or even the civil rights or anything it was always many diverse people coming together in one common cause and that creates innovation.”  -Daymond John

The 3 standards of hustle:

  1. Show up early
  2. Stay late
  3. Do more for less

Be selfish in a good way:

Take care of you first.  Become the best version of you first.  You can’t contribute to any team if you’re not functioning correctly.  

If you’re not selfish yourself when you wake up in the morning then you end up chasing everybody else’s dream and not yours.  -Daymond John

How to put yourself first in the first hour of the day:

  1. Do not check email and social media in the first hour of the day
  2. Make that first hour about you, your goals, your dreams
  3. Know who you are. 
  4. Are you who you want to be?

Grant Cardone and Daymond John:  Your business made simple final thoughts…

There is a ton of valuable, applicable data in this video clip and what I got from it may be very different than what you can pick up so your home would be to watch this, take notes and let me know what I missed…  meaning what did you get from this.  What did you learn that you will apply today?  After watching this, leave me a comment and let us know your biggest takeaways.