Grant Cardone: When are you getting your money right?

Getting Your Money Right

Grant Cardone wants to know, when are you getting your money right?  What if it turned out that not getting your money right was actually a selfish act?  Who can you help when you’re broke?  Who can you serve?  When you’re too busy working for someone else so you can barely get by and all you do is worry about what you can and can’t afford; how can you possibly serve the greater good?

Get success so you can help others

If it’s all about you, if that’s where the attention is, if all you’re doing is fighting to barely keep your head above water, how will you ever be able to live a life of fulfillment, purpose and meaning?  Getting your money right allows you to focus your attention beyond just getting by and instead putting your attention on making a difference for the better.  Barely making it is selfish.

Getting your money right:  What NOT to do

Don’t worry about the details folks. Everybody gets hung up in the details—except successful people. Highly successful people don’t worry about the details, they trust the details will work out themselves. Don’t get hung up in the little pieces.

Getting your money right: Always move forward

Don’t let the odds, other people, problems, or planes stop you. Who can be successful? Anyone who moves forward to a clear goal. You’ll figure it out. Pick a target and move toward it. Don’t worry about what might happen.

The game of getting your money right

Games exist when there are barriers and a possibility of gains and losses. You need that to push through. Your abilities will increase as you move forward and as your intention increases. You won’t see the depth of a person’s intention until there is resistance.  Always move forward.

If at first you don’t succeed, we have a lot in common. Keep moving forward—and get your money right!  The fact is, you won’t move very far forward if you don’t get your money right.

getting your money right