FIREWALL: The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

FIREWALL:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

INTRO:  Are you secure?  What kind of viruses and malware is out there right now trying to hack into your mind and wreak havoc on your good nature, well being and production?

WORD: Firewall  (noun)

DEFINITION of Firewall:

  • a wall constructed to prevent the spread of fire
  • computer hardware or software that prevents unauthorized access to private data (as on a company’s local area network or intranet) by outside computer users (as of the Internet)

ETYMOLOGY of Firewall:

Today, people recognize firewall as the name for hardware or software that protects networks or computer systems from unauthorized access or manipulation by outside computer users, and they don’t immediately associate the term with its base words, which suggest “a wall of fire.” The earliest record of that literal meaning is from the 16th century, but more than likely it is much older.

In the mid-1600s, firewall named an earlier form of protection: an innovative wall made of noncombustible material to prevent the spread of fire. Such walls completely separated two parts of a building from the basement to above the roof.

Firewall:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS:

The brain is the oldest computer system on planet Earth.  It runs on a series of programs and stores information for future decisions.  The brain has cache files, cookies, memory, processors, and all of it.  And like a computer, the brain is it fragile and susceptible to damage.

What is or was your original programing?  What viruses have invaded your system?  How have they impacted your ability to process and execute on your original programing?  And how many more viruses are pouring in every single day?  How corrupted is your hard drive at this point?

Removing the viruses is a different topic all together so for now, let’s just look at the following question.  Do you have a firewall for your mind?  What do you have set up to protect yourself from all the negativity out there that is trying to get in and corrupt your files?  How are you protecting yourself from inconsequential fear, misinformation, anger, vitriol, bitterness, hate?

Salespeople, what’s in place for you?  Your attitude and mindset will be the difference between, 5, 6 and 7 figure incomes.  Period.  Programing can get erased and rewritten and Cardone U can help with that but if you don’t have a firewall to protect yourself, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle the entire way and everything you try to accomplish will be harder and take far longer assuming you even arrive. Try this…

Your Mental Firewall:  5 steps to eliminate negativity forever

  1. Catch it:  You are the bouncer of the party going on in your mind.
  2. Crumple it:  You know, like when you’re writing something down and you know it’s complete garbage
  3. Toss it:  Chuck that sucker!  It’s total garbage, worthless, un-serving and useless.  Throw it out like yesterday’s news because that’s really all it is.
  4. Replace it: What abhors a vacuum?  Nature.  Fill the void with something wonderful.
  5. Write it:  Write it down.  Write it down in first person and in present time.  Because you are literally creating a new thought here. If you’re religious at all, remember, “in the beginning wast the word…”