EXCUSE:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

EXCUSE:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

This week’s word is something I can honestly say we are all probably far too proficient in for our own good and most likely something we’ve been diligently working on improving this “skill set” since early childhood.

WORD: Excuse (noun)

There is the verb or the action of excusing someone, but today we’re going to look at the noun.  The thing you have to explain away all your problems.


  • a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.
  • something offered as justification or as grounds for being excused
  • excuses plural : an expression of regret for failure to do something
  • a note of explanation of an absence

ETYMOLOGY of Excuse:


a prefix meaning “out of,” “from,” and hence “utterly,” “thoroughly,” and sometimes meaning “not” or “without” or indicating a former title, status, etc.; freely used as an English formative: exstipulate; exterritorial; ex-president (former president); ex-member; ex-wife.

literally, free from a charge”), from ex (“out”) + causa (“a charge”)

From wikitionary:  Explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgment; a plea offered in extenuation of a fault. 

Excuse:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS:

I would like to refer you to Chapter 21 of The 10X Rule…

  1. WHAT’S AN EXCUSE IN REALITY:  “Excuses are never the reason for why you did or didn’t do something.  They’re just a revision of the facts that you make up in order to help yourself feel better about what happened or didn’t.  An excuse is just an alteration of reality; nothing about it will move you to a better situation.”  
  2. WHAT TO ASK YOURSELF WHEN YOU HAVE AN EXCUSE: “Slaves and Victims make excuses – and will forever be destined to having leftovers and scraps.”  
    1. Am I a slave to something right now?
    2. Is it easier to just be a victim right now?
    3. “…Will any of these excuses ever improve your condition?” 
    4. If I couldn’t use this excuse, then what’s the reality of the situation?
    5. What am I going to DO about it?
  3. WHAT TO DO NOW:  “If you are going to approach success – not as an option, but as your duty, obligation and responsibility – then you must commit to never using excuses for anything.”