DREAM: The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

DREAM: The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

The Wednesday word is dream. Now we all know that dream typically is something you do when you’re sleeping, and it’s visions in your head, sugarplumbs dancing and things like that.

That would be when you look up the definition, “a series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep.”

DREAM: The Wednesday Word

What about this from The Greatest Showman, with Hugh Jackman?

When the world becomes a fantasy, and you’re more than you could ever be, because you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open.”

So when you scroll down in this definition here you find “a strongly desired a goal or purpose; Something that fully satisfies a wish; to consider as possibility.”

To dream, is an action it’s a doingness and if life is but a dream, and because you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open then what limits do we really have?

I’m gonna tell you what your limits are:

Your limits are what you think they are.

One of the things I love about the Wednesday Word is that not only does it give benefits the people that tune in, but it gives benefit to me It reminds me of things that I believe that I very well may sometimes forget and conveniently need a timely reminder for… like this moment right here.

And right now your limits are only what you believe.  So if you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open and you don’t really like the dream you’re having, maybe it’s a nightmare. Maybe it’s just a boring old dream. Guess what? You get to change course. You get to change the dream.

Now remember the song, “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.” That’s life. That’s The
universe, there’s a stream to this thing. Are you fighting the stream in your life and you’re trying to row against the current? Are you finding out what the natural ebb and flow of the universe is and going with it?

The universe is in a state of expansion. So you don’t want to try and fight that current. So are you expanding? Are you dreaming with your eyes wide open?

DREAM:  The Wednesday Word.  Let’s look at the etymology for a second…

This is what’s interesting when you go to the actual, you know, dreaming is when/what you do when you’re asleep. It’s not really there, it’s hard to find it didn’t really mean that. And then when you go to like dreams, what we’re talking about, like goals and dreams, that context didn’t really pop up until the 1850s ish 1880s which is when the song Row Row Your Boat started manifesting or showing up in the universe.

But as an ideal or an aspiration, that term didn’t really pop up until 1931, which I find very interesting because what was going on in 1931…

Yeah. So your life you get to make the decision about what kind of dream you’re going to have.  Or nightmare.  Right?  Amazing dream, wonderful dream, regular dream. It’s all up to you.

Seriously, what kind of experience do you want this life which is but a dream to be anyway?

And if it’s been a dream, then you’re in control, you can change it. It’s called lucid dreaming.  And speaking of the greatest showman, here’s another quote, different song.

Every night, I lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head. A million dreams are keeping me awake. I think of what the world could be a vision of the one I see a million dreams for the world we’re going to make the world we’re going to make…”

What kind of world do you want to make? Because the world you’re in, it’s yours. You’re going to dream it into reality and you’re doing it every single day with your thoughts and your actions and your decisions. I did it. You’re doing it.  It’s your world. It’s my world. My world is my world, your world is your world and you’re dreaming it into reality every single day.

So let’s give you a couple different tips, reminding me to some things I need to do better at.

To dream your life into reality. Grab a get a notepad, grab a pen, pencil, I’d like you to finish the following sentence:

I am so happy and grateful for…

and I’d like you to fill in something that has not manifested in your present time yet but is in your future. A dream if you will. So for example, I used to write I’m so happy and grateful to be living on the water on the central coast of California in a rustic seafaring home.

I don’t write it that way anymore. Because you know why? Because I actually do live in a rustic seafaring home on the water on the central coast of California, and I am very happy. And I am
very grateful to be doing that.

I have a new goal, or dream, which is really the same thing.

So, did you finish the sentence “I am so happy and grateful for…” or it could be I’m so happy and grateful that, whatever you’d like…

But I’d like you to take things that are already in your future that you are dreaming into existence right now and write them down is if they’re happening already, as if they are here. The present time because again, we’re talking about the universe. We’re talking about expansion, not contraction, expansion.

Do you really think the universe knows what time it is?

There’s only one time for the universe and that is now, so if you’re trying to bring something that’s in the future, into your next Not the universe is now then you better be speaking in the universe’s language follow. Okay. I am so happy and grateful for I am so happy and grateful that when should you be doing that?  At the very least the exact same frequency that you brush your teeth, once in the morning, once at night.

There’s one other time when you want to write them down, per the boss Grant Cardone and that’s when you have a setback.  Why?  Well, since we’re reading lyrics and stuff… on the back of our No Negativity postcards is a little poem that Grant wrote and I’m going to read you the first three lines from it.

Be deaf, when someone says you cannot do it.
Be Deaf when someone says it’s impossible
be deaf when anyone tries to impose limits on you.”

You’ve had a setback? What if it turned out that every once in a while when you have a setback, the person that is saying you cannot do it, the person that’s saying it’s impossible. The person that says, you have limits? What if that person is you???

It means you’re not in the now anymore, you’re out. You’re in this place of limits. So you need to go back to your dreams and your goals. You need to write them down again and remind yourself the big lesson that I’m trying to get to you – since life is but a dream that you are an infinite being having a temporary human experience.

Think about that for a second. I got that verbiage from Dr. Wayne Dyer, but you are an infinite being having a temporary human experience and you are deciding how that dream, the temporary human experience, is going to go.

One more thought from our Uncle G:  years ago on one of his audio programs that I used to listen to every day in the car on the way to work and every day in the car on the way home he said this

Dreams are the fuel for an incredible life…”

So that’s the other reason why I want you to write these things down every time you have a setback once in the morning and once before you go to bed.  They’re fuel.  If the dreams you’re writing down every single day are not getting you jacked up or not getting you maybe a little scared, then they’re not big enough.

Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.”

That’s from Be Obsessed Or Be Average.  So if your dreams are the fuel for an incredible life and you want to have goals and dreams so big that your problems pale in comparison, then you you need to tie these big fat juicy goals and dreams which freaked you out a little bit into some measurable daily actions that you can take every day to fuel your life.

Every day we are dreaming our life and to existence and reality. Dream big, no limits. take full responsibility for your thoughts, your decisions and your actions and be great because nothing else pays.