Cold Calls Equal Cold Hard Cash

Cold Calls Equal Cold Hard Cash

How many times has some told you or posted on Social that Cold Calling is dead?  What if it turned out that the exact opposite is the reality.  That cold calls equal cold hard cash.  I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Imagine making one phone call and making more money than most people make in a month.  If you’re finally ready to make more money pay attention to this.  And keep in mind, this may sound scary but hear me out…

You’ve got to learn how to sell things over the phone!

If you have a hard time imagining YOU being a phone salesman, you can STOP that nowGrant used to NOT be able to imagine having his own jet, yet he made that happen so you can imagine being a phone salesman now and we’ll tackle the jet thing later.

Uncle G put in 30+ years of hard work in all the areas of sales, including phone sales, so you don’t have to learn the ropes like he did.  We just had a client who used the content in “Master the Cold Call” from Cardone University and made a $16,000 sale.

We will show you HOW TO SUCCEED on the phone.  Scripts, how to deal with objections, how to role-play making calls…  everything.  When was the last time you practiced getting hung up on?

“Master the Cold Call” is part of the phone training inside Cardone University.

After you go through that  you’ll know:

  • How to double your close rate
  • The secret to getting past the gatekeeper every time.
  • What to do when you hear an objection
  • The formula to hit your income targets selling on the phone
  • Questions to ask to get you an appointment
  • And then some…

So why is cold calling NOT dead?

Because everyone else THINKS it’s dead.  And they think that way because they don’t have the SKILL to do it.  Your competition’s lack of confidence is your opportunity to snag market share.  As Grant teaches in If You’re Not First You’re Last, you must do what your competition is not willing to do if you want to dominate in your market.

So question for you.  If you were able to pick up a 30% increase in sales volume, do you have the inventory and staff to handle it?  And if you picked up that 30% in the next 7 days, could you handle that kind of volume?  Because we’d like to offer you a 7 day all access pass to Cardone University.  At the end of the 7 days, you’ll know and you’ll have experienced what great sales teams do every day and how we get our clients a sustainable 30% increase in a very short period of time.  We need you and your full attention in front of a computer for about 18 minutes.

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