Cardone On Demand Cost: Is It Right For My Dealership?

What does Cardone On Demand cost?

What does Cardone On Demand cost?  All training has a cost.  The question is:  Is it worth it?  Is Cardone On Demand right for my dealership?

Look, if you’re asking what does Cardone On Demand cost, then you’re considering doing something for your dealership.  Perhaps you have some training now that has gotten stale or it never quite did what you wanted it to.  Maybe there wasn’t any real buy-in from your people or it just never got got used enough.  Considering the Cardone On Demand cost structure makes perfect sense.  Is it worth it?  Is it right for us?  Will it be different than the last one?

14 Facts and Stats for your consideration:

1.  87% of all sales people miss their quota.  Where are your people at?  Does this sound about right in your store?

2.  Half of all salespeople have no playbook!

3.  26% of all salespeople are completely unprepared.

4.  40% of all companies claim no defined sales process.

5.  Any sales process improves forecast accuracy by 200%

6.  Did you know that there’s an 88% improvement in productivity from sales coaching? When sales coaching is done…

7.  Over 50% of all sales managers are literally too busy to train and develop their sales teams. You can’t be there 24/7.

8.  56% increase in customer loyalty where coaching and training is involved.

9.  A benchmarking study revealed the calibre of the salesperson  is the most important factor influencing prospects’ decisions to buy.

10.  Top sales producers outperform average producers by 2:1, and low producers by 10:1.

11.  Replacing your bottom 20% of salespeople with only average performers would improve sales productivity by nearly 20%.

12.  A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits from anywhere between 25% and 80%.

13.  Satisfying and retaining current customers is anywhere from 3 to 10 times less costly than acquiring new customers.

14.  85% of customers report being dissatisfied with their phone experiences.

How will you know if it’s actually the right thing for your dealership?  Same way your customers know.  They drive it.  To see if Cardone On Demand is right for you and your dealership and if you’d like to see a customized estimate on pricing including monthly payments, build out and launch costs as well as what comes with it, leave us some info and we will call you direct with not only pricing but full access for 7 days with a complementary performance and profitability analysis.