Advanced Sales Negotiation: How to close more deals

Advanced Sales Negotiation

Learning effective advanced sales negotiation is how you close more deals.  This is something you need to look at if you’re in any kind of business.

QUESTION:  If there was a way for you to close twice as many deals in half the amount of time you’re spending now…  would you be interested?

We want to show you how to close MORE deals.

Our Advanced Sales Negotiation program was created to give you advanced closes for every customer situation you’ll ever face.

You get courses that will show you mistakes to avoid in the close, step-by-step situational breakdowns of negotiations, and access to the 17 things that will kill your customer stalls.

The Advanced Sales Negotiation program

The Advanced Sales Negotiation program retails for $10,154 on our website, but Grant recently put it on sale to make it more accessible to all of our clients.

Look, most salespeople fail in the close because they simply do not have the words.  They don’t know what to say to handle buyer objections. The lack of understanding in this area will inevitably cause an untrained salesperson lose a customer, and at best use a discount as a way to entice a buyer decision.

Only 10-20% of the time you are in a transaction is spent in the close.  Yet it is where 100% of your income as a salesperson comes from.

Bottom line, if you want to learn how to increase your income as a salesperson, you must learn to master the close.

In this certification program, you will get:

  • Secrets to Closing the Sale – 4+ Hour Webinar ($500)
  • Mastering Objections Webinar – 19 Courses ($500)
  • Rebuttal Manual – 205 Pages ($49)
  • Theory of Closing – 42 Courses ($1095)
  • Closing Strategies – 106 Courses ($1095)
  • Follow-Up – 132 Courses ($1095)
  • Master the Cold Call – 59 Courses ($995)
  • Closers Survival Guide – 5.5+ Hour Audiobook ($24.97)

So, let’s ask you again:

If there was a way for you to close twice as many deals in half the amount of time you’re spending now…would you be interested?

Advanced Sales Negotiation