3 ways to avoid being broke

3 ways to avoid being broke

3 ways to avoid being broke

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  I never blame someone or fault them for being poor.  But I do not tolerate people who continue to stay in the mindset that being poor is a permanent condition.

Being born poor is not your fault, staying poor is.

Look, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I have worked hard my whole life to create wealth and success for myself, my family, and my community.  Throughout my life I have built my success by showing others how to increase their income.

I have heard the worst cases, people who were handicapped, people who were addicted to drugs, people with too much debt. I have heard it all and I tell you that there is nothing so severe that you can’t overcome it and create massive success.

But, make absolutely no mistake. It is not easy.  Even if you have everything going for you, success is not easy.  Success is not a right, it is something that you have to work for.  Everyone has the opportunity to achieve success but you have to be willing to work above and beyond what everyone else is willing to do.

The 3 Basic Rules to start your path towards Success:

  1. Learn how to convince others of your point of view. You have to learn how to sell others. If you cannot convince others on what you believe, then you will only be at the mercy of everyone else.

  2. Grab attention. Selling someone on your ideas does no good if you don’t have anyone to sell your ideas to. I could be the greatest sales person in the world, but if I have no people to talk to, then my skills are a waste.
  3. Be persistent. This is the one that I feel people are quickest to stop following. If you talk to anyone who has been successful they will tell you that one of the most important keys is to be persistent. If you think that it’s going to be a quick and easy process then you will be quickly disappointed.

Prepare yourself for a long and grueling process, because that’s what it takes.  Being poor is never a person’s fault.  But you have to decide that it’s not how you want to live anymore. By taking the above actions, you will take the first steps to getting yourself on the path to massive success.

And if you want to your life, your business and your income to the next level, I have some online training that will take you there.

Be great,