Things you must know to master the phone

master the phone

Things you must know to master the phone

The biggest deals Grant Cardone has ever done in his life were closed over the phone. Our company sells $50k contracts over the phone every day to people that we have never met. Grant’s real estate division closed $126-million in deals in one month and they never met a single person. One time, Grant even closed a deal on an iPad from 44,000-feet in the air, which resulted in a multi-million dollar contract.

You must train with the phone like a samurai trains with the sword. The phone is the most powerful weapon a salesperson has when used properly and when you are in total control of the communication.

The first two things you must know to master the phone:

1.) Debunk any and all negative beliefs.  If you have any negative ideas or beliefs about selling over the phone we have to get rid of them for you to be able to understand the structure and strategies that we will employ. If you believe you can’t close on the phone then you can’t.

2.) Control the communication.  You must know the difference between conversations and communication. Conversations are what most salespeople do. They just talk on the phone and never control the communication because they talk with no structure, intention or desired outcome. “How are you today?” “How is your business?” “Thank you for making the time to speak with me today!”—and on and on… Too much chit-chat and then finally the salesperson gets a few moments in about his or her product when finally everyone realizes the call is going nowhere—and it ends.

Grant Cardone has personally made all these mistakes

Then one day, thirty years ago, Grant made a commitment to studying sales as a profession and especially studied how to sell and to master the phone.  Over and over,  Grant has observed and developed proven strategies that will improve your effectiveness in both sales and selling over the phone. Here are a few things you need to know about phone sales so your conversations turn into controlled communications that result in closed sales:

Master The Phone Tip 1: Get attention in your greeting.

95% if all salespeople blow the call in the first 25-seconds simply by how they introduce themselves. You need a greeting that immediately sets you apart from everyone, not just those in your industry but everyone this person has ever met.

Master The Phone Tip 2: Set the intention for your call.

What is your intention for the call? “My intention in this call is to show you a product that you find so valuable you will force me to get it to you tonight.”

Master The Phone Tip 3: Qualify for the dominant needs.

Find out what is important to your prospect before you present your product/service or solution. I will be covering each of these points in detail during the video webcast.

Master The Phone Tip 4: Make a written proposal.

72% of all salespeople never present a written proposal to the prospect. This is a massive opportunity for those that can wrap their head around putting yourself at risk of losing a deal. Most can’t get this simple point and it is probably the reason 87% of all salespeople miss their quota.

Master The Phone Tip 5: Close the deal.

This is the final step in the call where you shut down the deal. You must move the prospect from interest to owner. This step is what separates the amateur from the pro and why some people love sales and others hate it. Those that are willing to make the time, the commitment, work and do whatever it takes can provide for their families and make their dreams real.

One More Way To Master The Phone

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