Blame is the energy that makes slaves

blame is the energy that makes slaves

Blame is the energy that makes slaves

In April of 2011, Grant Cardone blogged the following:

Blame is the energy that makes slaves and will only guarantee your condition worsens. Use all of your energy and resources to be productive and don’t spend any energy blaming, accusing, or criticizing. In order to ensure your company, your job, your finances, and your future is secure, it’s up to YOU not someone else.

When you look for others to solve you problems you are basically assigning blame to another party for your problem and if another party is to solve your problem you will ultimately find yourself with an unsolvable problem…

from my best-selling book, Sell Or Be Sold, stop blaming – it is the energy that makes slaves!

The moment you blame another for anything:

  1. You assign another power.
  2. You limit your ability to find a solution.
  3. You waste resources and energy.

Remember, success isn’t just important; it is vital, and should never be reduced to anything less than that.

Fast forward to November of 2016…

In the video below, Grant shares about his life before he made it.  Grant’s life as a victim, stuck in anger, resentment and how unfair he viewed his life.  He then discusses all the ways in which a person protests in life and references the Trump protests and how ALL people are actually protesting something most of the time.  As he drives his “ridiculous” Rolls Royce Wraith he talks about how ridiculous a purchase it was and then goes on to talk about poverty, just getting by, failing in life and much, much more.

Challenge yourself to identify what you are protesting and take a look at how it is holding you back.