How Do The Wealthy Get Wealthy

How Do The Wealthy Get Wealthy

I love that when you Google this, some of the first “Searches related to how do the wealthy get wealthy” are how to:

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And before we go any further, let’s take a moment to really understand the definition of wealthy.  First off, it’s a adjective.  It’s a description of someone.  According to Webster’s it means having wealth, very affluent, characterized by abundance, ample.  No use of the words rich or money.

So what is wealth then?

1: abundance of valuable material possessions or resources
2: abundant supply : PROFUSION

still no mention of money….

a: all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value
b: all material objects that have economic utility especially : the stock of useful goods having economic value in existence at any one time national wealth
ACTION IDEA #1:  Other than money, what ELSE can you be wealthy in?  Make a list.
Then identify WHO is truly wealthy.

How Do The Wealthy Get Wealthy

As with all things in our universe, creation always starts with a thought.  It’s vital to understand this.  Everything that exists in your life right now is in direct response to your thoughts, your decisions and the volume of your actions.
In Grant Cardone’s latest Strategy of the Week, he starts off with this quote,
It’s not a secret I have always been interested in wealth. Since I was a little kid and watched my mother worry about money I have been interested in learning what the wealthy knew that we didn’t know.”
With that, if you would like more wealth in your life, it would make sense to understand the mindset and thought process of the already wealthy and look for the differences, disagreements and opportunities to shift our thinking to a more wealthy frame of mind.

Right now, we are in the middle of a health and financial crisis.

These two are interwoven and deeply connected.  The Coronavirus to some degree has and will impact every person on the planet.  Most of us will have our finances impacted.  Imagine being a barber or waiter right now.  Think about all the people in the entertainment business.  Not just the people in front of the camera mind you, but all the names you never read because you leave the theatre as soon as the credits start to roll once you realize Samuel L Jackson isn’t going pop out and ask the main character to join The New Avengers.  There are more people suffering financially than people suffering from COVID-19.
And as Grant puts it in the strategy,
While money won’t buy you happiness, it’s the only thing that pays the rent, health care, toilet paper, mask, food and the like. Unfortunately during this time, like any other crisis, the wealthy will get wealthier and everyone else will end up with less. It’s sad but it’s true. And this redistribution has been happening since the Great Depression (or before) and it makes me question again, how the wealthy treat money differently than others.”
When you think about your current situation and the situation of your immediate family and those close to you, where would you rather be?  Financially secure and free or stressed out and worried about rent and toilet paper?

This all starts with how you think…

And Grant gives us a 10 mindsets to study, analyze and question.  This will require deep reflection on your part, setting your ego aside and the willingness to open your mind and confront your reality with your potential.
ACTION IDEA #2:  Where are you on this scale?  Which side are you on?

The Wealthy                              Everyone Else

1. Money is Good                         1. Money is Bad

2. Investors                                   2. Spenders

3. Uses Debt                                 3. Used by Debt

4. Money & Happiness               4. Money or Happiness

5. Tax Savvy                                   5. Tax Victims

6. Seeking Freedom                    6. Seeking Comfort

7. Buys Time                                  7. Sells Time

8. Multiple Flows                         8. Single Flow of Income

9. Wealth Driven                         9. Income Driven

10. Opportunity Focused           10. Obstacle Focused

Do you need to change your mind?

The wealthy get wealthy because they think differently.  Their thoughts start the whole process.  Then is moves into the decisions they make about what they do about those thoughts.  And from there it’s really a matter of action taken.
ACTION IDEA #3:  And this is hard question.  Have you giving up on you being wealthy?  (notice I didn’t say becoming wealthy, I said being wealthy.  Remember, it’s a state of mind first.)
COVID-19 Economic ResponseHow are you going to shift your think?  How old are you?  That’s how many years of programming you’re going to have to rewrite.  And while it can’t be done overnight per say, you can put a pretty big check into in in about 2-4 weeks.  Where would you start?  Go back over the 10 and look for the #1 shift in mindset, that if you just made that one shift would immediately change your life for the better.  And then what would happen if you dedicated 20-30 minutes a day, every day to making that shift and making it stick?
Because right now, Grant is giving you the opportunity to change your mind with Cardone University.  You can take advantage of free access to that program right now to start the process of shifting towards a mindset of wealth and abundance.
To get started, visit  And when you get registered, send me an email with your registration confirmation and I will schedule a free coaching call with you where we’ll identify the wealth mindset you most want to work on and I’ll help you find the right content inside Cardone University and give you the ultimate Cardone U training schedule.  Are you ready to change your mind?