Four tips for handling chaos

tips for handling chaos

Four tips for handling chaos

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  Bad things happen to good people. Hurricane Harvey is a perfect example of this. People didn’t plan on this happening—and that’s why you have to be financially prepared in advance. As I just flew back from relief efforts in Houston, I’m reminded of what I talk about in The 10X Rule—people underestimate the effort required to keep the show on the road. When chaos comes, when the hurricane hits, how do you handle it?

There is no class on chaos in school. You’re taught how to read and write in school but nothing on how to handle chaos. How silly is that?

It’s been a chaotic week in Houston.

Who would have on their plan this year…

  • 1 million people displaced
  • 100,000 homes destroyed
  • They’re calling it a 1,000-year flood
  • 40% of small businesses won’t survive this event
  • Harvey will exceed the combined cost of Katrina and Sandy.

There are severe cases of people who don’t have their meds and people who’ve been separated from family. Ask yourself, “Am I ready for chaos?” Do you have the money? Who are your friends? Do you handle chaos or do you add to the chaos?

Here are my tips for handling chaos:

1) Stay Committed to Success & Prioritize: On Tuesday I wasn’t worried about who was going to handle the supplies once I was in Houston because the first step was simply going to CostCo in Miami to get the supplies. You don’t need to figure everything out from beginning to end, just start by going A from B. Get moving!

2) Your Safety and Success First: Put yourself at risk, not in more danger. You can’t help anyone if you get yourself hurt.

3) Start Getting Products/Results: You need to have something to give when people are in need. Products are solutions, and solutions give results. The fact is, the only way to fix chaos is with results.

4) Economics: Start raising more money through whatever means possible and use the money to solve more problems and prepare for the next chaotic event. I got many of my friends to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief simply by stepping up to lead. We live on an economic planet, so you are not going to solve chaos without money—sorry, it’s not going to happen.

Handling chaos is one of the most important lessons you can learn in life. It was 22 hours turnaround time from the idea I had on Tuesday of bringing supplies to the people of Houston to the…

tips for handling chaos