Selling With APES

Selling With APES

APES are more than just inhabitants of the jungle! APES is an acronym for the four major reasons that people buy things.

  • A for Appearance
  • P for Performance
  • E for Economical
  • S for Safety

selling with APES

Let’s break these down a little deeper.

Appearance means “this makes me look good”.  It could be an indication of status or appearance.  Performance meaning this makes me feel good or perform better.  Economical equals saves me money, worry or will make me money and Safety relates to making my environment safer or reduces the chance of loss.

Take any product or service that people buy and you will see that they were motivated by one of these four driving forces.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a home, home improvement, gym membership, jewelry, dinner, automobile, phone, TV, paint job, or a life insurance policy.  Appearance, performance, economical or safety or some combination will be an influence in the sale.

For example, how many cell phones have you owned in your life?  Think about your last one.  Why did you get it?  Did you buy it because it looked cool, had a faster processor or better camera or did you get the phone for free because you upgraded your plan and it came with some free stuff?  What features on the phone were most important to you?  When you think back, there was most likely a dominate buying motive surrounded by one of these four.  Appearance, Performance, Economical, Safety.

At each point in the process, the APES were driving your decisions.   And so it goes for all buyers. Would you like to close more deals?  Then start selling with APES.  How cool is it what only have to ask for the business once and they say, “I’ll take it!”  It’s rare, I know, but the better you get and learning the dominate buying motive and presenting around that, the more often you’ll hear, “I’ll take it.”

ACTION IDEA:  Take the product or products you sell now and look at all the features that comes with. Ask yourself how each feature can relate back to each one of the buying motives.  So if you’re selling shingles for a roof, how do these shingles enhance curb appeal, hold up in wind, insulate the house from extreme weather and what is the overall longevity?  Follow?  Try this for your product or service.

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