The Real Reason Grant Cardone moved to Miami?

Reason Grant Cardone moved to Miami

What’s the REAL reason Grant Cardone moved to Miami?  We are going to address that one right here and right now.

A lot of people ask that question.  And there are also a lot of opinions attached to it as well.  What’s most important about exploring the truth of this matter though is what can we learn from Grant about right actions to take in terms of creating success and prosperity in our lives.

This is what Grant is addressing in his latest Strategy of the Week.

The real reason Grant Cardone moved to Miami was to BOOM his business

Per the Strategy, Grant was unable to operate his business in California due to the government constantly interfering with his ability to do business.

And to be clear this was not just about taxes, while that played a part it was also about the state and local government simply NOT being appreciative of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Grant’s business move was also sending a statement to the government that we will no longer tolerate being pushed around, neglected and then financially penalized.

Grant’s response to the tax hikes in California:

It’s a MASSIVE increase—it’s actually a 33% increase and they won’t be done there. This is the State of California admitting it is broke.  California is the most beautiful broken state in the country and this is just the first of many increases.”

From there, Grant sold his cars, his house…  loaded up the truck and they moved FROM Beverly.  Hills that is.

Landing in Miami, Grant invests the 13.3% tax savings back into his business.  Back into GROWING his business.  Grant went from having 5 employees in 2010 to 185 in 2020 PLUS another 350 employees working remote.

[ACTION IDEA:  Look at YOUR expenses.  What are you spending money on that isn’t actually serving you?  You may not even notice it.  What kind of subscription services are you NOT using?  What can you give up?  And then HOW can you reinvest that money into your business? ]

This concept of reinvesting into your business doesn’t just apply to the “rich.”  In reality, it’s exactly how the rich got rich and more importantly, STAY rich.

This is the real reason Grant Cardone moved to Miami:

Step 6 in The Millionaire Booklet is Save To Invest, Don’t Save to Save and Step 3 is Increase Income.

Increasing income will also require increasing skill.  So the first investment you need to make is in you.  You are the most important investment you will ever make.  Knowing where your money is going now is vital.  Cut out the wasteful and reinvest it into you so you can increase income and reinvest that into you and growing your business.