How to close with confidence

How to close with confidence

In a recent post on our Cardone University blog we talked about presenting with confidence and how to set that up from the very beginning.  If you been in sales for any real period of time or have seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, you know that ABC stands for Always Be Closing.

How to close with confidence

But how do we do that in this day and age?  Is the a modern, less old school sales approach to position yourself to ABC.  Always Be Closing.

The first two things be able to close with confidence are

Show respect for the customer’s time and state your intentions early.  Here’s Grant:

Thanks for your time today, my goal is to deliver my product to your company by the end of this week.”

When I present Cardone U

Mr Customer, thanks for the time and attention today, I know you’re busy.  My intention with this call is to sign you and your team up for Cardone U today and see your people using and winning with by the end of the week.”

“But it’s Friday,” the customer say.  “I know, so we better get moving…”

Set the stage early.  Setting the stage early shows confidence and certainty in yourself, the company and the product.  It’s also crazy transparent and who wouldn’t like a little more transparency in the world today?

Chop, Chop is the next way to close with confidence

Chop, chop means to hurry it up.  Remember, we’re being respectful of time and we’re always closing.  Grant has us break the presentation up into about 3-5 segments going over the features, advantages and benefits and at the end of each stage we’re required them to ask something to the effect of, “have you seen enough to make a decision?”

This has worked like a miracle with customers saying, “no I haven’t,” allowing the salesperson to continue with the presentation. In other cases the buyer says, “yes, I have seen enough” and we close immediately.

Close often, close early and when they say they have seen enough shut it down.

Too many salespeople and sales organizations never insist on closing a deal for fear of appearing to be a nuisance. There is no urgency to finish the deal. Time is a bizarre enemy of the close. Anything can happen when you add this thing called time.

If you truly believe in your company, product, and service, you must learn how to insist on closing the transaction now.

The Now or Later Close in Cardone U is great for putting your deal back into play and getting it done now rather than a few days from now.

And for those of you who are new to the sales game and you’re thinking, “What’s a few days?”, it could very well be the difference between a deal or no deal.   Every sales veteran out there has made the mistake too many times of not practicing urgency and becoming reasonable with a few days that turns into weeks, months, even years.

You and/or your sales team should be training and drilling on how to use correct pressure. It’s an art but when you get it right, you can use that art to control the conversation and ultimately lead to a close.

Remember one of GC’s classic principles, “speed is power.”

If you and your sales team would like more information on how to create more urgency in your presentations there’s a couple options here where we can show you how to leverage and use the same techniques we use to close deals with speed and efficiency every day.

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How to close with confidence