How Do You Face Your FEAR

How Do You Face Your FEAR?

What does FEAR mean to you and how do you face it?  Everyone feels fear. I do. You do. Everyone. The only difference is how we each react to fear.

How Do You Face Your FEAR

In Grant’s latest blog post, he tells us that he’s always thought that fear has two meanings.  These two meanings sum up the two basic ways people deal with this unique and complicated emotional state.

FEAR can mean:

Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

[ACTION IDEA:  We’ve done both.  Be honest with yourself.  There have been times where you stepped up and faced it head on and there have been other times where you forgot everything and skinned out.  Take a moment and think about a time you faced everything and rose to the occasion and then think about a time you forgot everything and ran.  What was the difference?  See if you can identify the difference in how on one occasion you handed your fear and on another fear handled you.]

The real keys to overcoming fear and not letting it control you:

It’s about not caring what people think of you, it’s about not wanting to impress anyone but yourself and it’s about having nothing to prove to anyone. When you refuse to let fear control you it becomes possible to do what you want as you pursue your passions, your desires and your goals.

Grant has felt fear in all forms. I thing we all have to some degree.  Imaging being afraid for your life you’re being pistol-whipped by a drug-dealing thug.  Meanwhile you and I, we’re afraid of what? That we’ll fail? That we’re not good enough? That we’ll look stupid? That people will laugh at us?

Grant’s been there and done that. So what?  People ain’t really laughing at GC anymore.

What would your life be like if you never gave in to fear?

What would you be like as a person if fear didn’t have so much control over you?

And let’s not discount fear either.  Fear is hard wired into us and it serves a real purpose. It keeps us alert and ready to handle any unforeseen situations. However, it does not necessarily exist simply to motivate you to run away. You all know the expression “fight or flight”. Both come from fear and since both are an option, you’re making a choice.

[ACTION IDEA:  What if you make the choice to fight every time?  Why?  Because you can.  Because what’s the worst that can happen?  Think back to those times where you’ve forgotten everything and ran, what would your life be like had you been in Face Everything and Rise mode instead?   They say at the end of your life you’ll be more concerned with what you didn’t do, not what you did.]

So here’s some good news!  When you fail, you can try again. If someone says “no” you can keep asking until they say “yes”.

Grant wants you to know that it is possible to conquer your fear so you can do what you love, make a massive impact, while having control over your income and your life.

Would you like Grant and our team to show you how?  Obviously, last year, 2020 caused people a lot of uncertainty and definitely, fear. The media sure didn’t help. But for the people who didn’t give into the fear, like Grant and our 10X team… Instead running away or pushing the panic button, we created opportunities and actually succeeded.  Cardone Training Technologies absolutely crushed it in 2020.

Know this: that even in a time where fear is everywhere it’s possible to succeed.

We can show you how when you join us at the 10X Growth Conference which is now sold out but you can still attend on-line.

Now just so you know, we’re going to push you outside of your comfort zone. Grant will show you how to achieve goals you never thought possible.  You will finally realize that you’re capable of so much MORE than you’re doing right now.  Fear will no longer be the thing holding you back.

Does the thought of starting something completely new and unknown scare you?  Do you have doubts that you can really do this?  Are you worried about failure?  GOOD!  Being scared is perfectly acceptable. Letting that feeling keep you from achieving your potential is not.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever experience you have, whoever you are, however old you are, the 10X Growth Conference  can not only elevate your professional life and your financial situation but your confidence as well.

Confidence is the light that eliminates the darkness of fear and the cool thing is that confidence multiplies on its own with every accomplishment.

So, how do you face your FEAR?  We all have to decide if we are going to let fear win or will we say “ENOUGH!”  Enough playing for peanuts, enough settling for average, enough living to please others and enough allowing fear to determine the entire course of your life.

Instead,  become the 10X badass you were meant to be. Join me, Grant and the entire 10X Team at the 10X Growth Conference from wherever you are and you’ll see that there is safety and success in numbers…  with nothing to fear.

How Do You Face Your FEAR