Why having a goal or a dream isn’t enough

Why having a goal or a dream isn’t enough

having a goal or a dream isn't enoughI’m just curious here… What’s the plan?

Because having a goal or a dream isn’t enough. If I need to use the restroom, I better know where it is, how to get there and what to do when I arrive otherwise I’ll just make a mess of myself!

Silly example, I know, but how many times have we made a mess of things because we didn’t have a clear cut destination and plan?

What would you say to a college degree on life creation? I mean what if you had a tool that would help you fully in creating a Super Extraordinary 10X Life?

Step one requires a commitment (from you) to change the way you think. You must absolve yourself of the thoughts that have kept you trapped. Free yourself of the traps that have kept you thinking average is good enough.

And that starts with this eBook from Grant!

This Instant Digital Download Edition with over 100+ pages of content explains:
  • Why having a goal or a dream isn’t enough
  • How To Create A Supper Life
  • Why You Don’t Have a Super Life
  • How to Identify False Knowledge
  • The Plan to Create Your Super Life

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“To create a Super Extraordinary 10X Life for yourself & others you MUST change your thinking. This starts with absolving yourself of the thinking that traps you and replacing that with new information.” – GC