Coronavirus: Is there something MORE dangerous?


Coronavirus: Is there something MORE dangerous?

What if there was another pandemic looming over the globe and threatening your security on every level?  Now if you had enough fair warning to prepare for and inoculate yourself, you’d want to do that right?

Grant Cardone’s Strategy of the Week, exposes a condition far worse, more contagious and significantly more dangerous than the Coronavirus.

Have you ever heard the term, “normalcy bias?”

Normalcy Bias—the tendency for people to believe that things will always function the way they normally have and therefore to UNDERESTIMATE both the likelihood of a disaster and its possible effects.

Basically, having a normalcy bias is the assumption many people have that “everything will be just fine.”

[ACTION IDEA/EXERCISE #1:  Have you ever underestimated the likelihood of a pending disaster?  What kind of disaster was it?  Write down what happened and what did you learn from it?]

Examples where Normalcy Bias has reared its ugly head:

  • Extreme weather like an approaching hurricane.  How many times have you seen people on the news before the storm hits, saying they’re waiting it out, not leaving, only to be seen two days later, standing on their roof, in rising flood waters trying to flag down a chopper?
  • Wildfires in California.  People refused to leave until it was too late.
  • Or today in the news, it’s all about the coronavirus, everything seems normal so far, but is there a pandemic on the way?
  • What about in a relationship you’ve had?  Saw that breakup coming but really didn’t do much to stop it…?
  • Have you ever ignored the writing on the wall at a job and by the time you finally confronted it, it was too late?


By the time a disaster is already happening, it’s often too late to help those who didn’t prepare.

This goes for sales, business and finances too…

When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has past.”

[ACTION IDEA/EXERCISE #2:  Think about a time you were under prepared for an opportunity to close a deal, advance your company or make more money.  How much has that cost you over the years.  Do the math on that.  It hurts but it helps.]

But I think if we leverage the Strategy and focus on just financial Normalcy Bias, we can integrate that into business and sales as well.

How have you denied the reality of the situation?

Denial is typically the first reaction to a reality smackdown.  It’s not a response.  It’s a reaction.  Responding implies decision and choice.  Reaction is instinctual and primal.

Grant talks about this in If You’re Not First You’re Last too.  But look, if there’s an earthquake or you’re getting punched in the face, how long can you deny it’s happening?

Here’s Grant:

The middle class has a normalcy bias.  Making 50K a year, thinking it’s normal and everything is fine. Then, a financial crisis will come. You may not see it yet but if you are in the middle class, you need to stop denying that your financial situation is OK.  We live on an economic planet and 50K annually is NOT enough. You may not see it now, but if you don’t change something and start increasing your income, when the financial crisis comes you’ll be unprepared like the person who failed to heed the hurricane warnings.


And that’s not making light of the threat of coronavirus, it’s observing that before the media picked this ball up and started running with it, that people have been settling for just enough and just getting by for generations and they’re passing that on to their family and their friends.  And it’s destructive and it’s dangerous.  There’s no need to recap 2008 here because you already know this is true and correct.

So how do you inoculate yourself from average?

Here’s GC again:

You need to have a good attitude, and a good attitude comes from good production. The more you produce the better your attitude will be, and the higher above average you’ll fly.  Just as your body is a reflection of what you put in it and how you take care of it, your mind is the same. Whatever is going on in your head is going to come out of your mouth.

  • I keep positive books in my house.
  • I write my goals down each day.
  • And I control what I watch.

I want to watch winners. Your life and your career depend on your attitude. You need to control your content.  I stay positive by controlling the content of my mind.

[ACTION IDEA/EXERCISE #3:  How do you control the content of your mind?  Remember, GC says, white space in the calendar is the devil.  So do you calendar reading, writing your goals down twice a day and personal development?  What would happen if you did?]

Cardone University is not just a sales and business training program.

It’s a tool that you can use to take an even greater level of control over the content that goes into your noggin!  20 minutes as part of your morning routine is an incredible way to protect and vaccinate your mind from doubt, negativity and average think.

And if you’re a sales manager who’s salespeople are suffering from average think and Normalcy Bias, getting them on Cardone U is VITAL to the solvency of the company.  How many years have they been getting indoctrinated with average think and employee mindset and it’s still coming at them hard right now.  2% of your salesforce is resistant to the strain of average and 2% are incurable.  What about the rest?  They will succumb to the disease without the right vaccine and that would be Cardone U.  You need skin in this game.  You can’t deprogram these people on your own.

Grant’s got a way to use Cardone University to do just that.  Disinfect and inoculate your people from the average epidemic.  And if you’d like to see how we do it while getting you an additional 15-30% new business, would be happy to show you how.

Visit or call 310-777-0352.  Make sure to mention this post for a special signing bonus when you get your people started on Cardone University.