How to be an effective salesperson

How to be an effective salesperson

What makes a good salesperson?  If you’re new to sales or if you have been in it just long enough to start wondering if you’ve made a wrong turn on the career path, then stay tuned because we’re about to give you a mindset that you can adapt to get back on track.

be an effective salesperson

And if you’re a seasoned salesperson who’s become a bit salty or jaded, first off, you’re not alone and secondly, if you’re not at the level you know you should be at, stick around a while as the spark to being an even more successful salesperson is just ahead.

Now, you may have heard Grant Cardone talk about this before but it’s important to understand that in order to be an effective salesperson you have to believe in other people.

That’s because closing a deal is rarely about price.

It’s more about the people involved so you need to understand them and what motivates them.  You need to have a positive outlook about them and believe that they are genuine and truly want to make the right decisions.

We went deep on this on the Cardone University blog and the thing to not only remember but to start operating from is the reality that when it comes down to it, your customers are just like you, or at least how you were at one time or another…

Our customers spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need (just like you), they go over budget (just like every good American), they work hard for their money (you’re pulling a Donna Summer every single day, right?)

And what else?  Just like you and me and everyone, our clients and customers have made good and bad decisions.

Our customers are human

And by being human they want to feel good about themselves and their decisions.  Don’t you?

So when we’re selling a service to a business owner, that business owner wants to know that they did the right thing for their business by hiring you, and that it’s actually going to make a difference for their company.

If we’re selling a tangible product, our customers will want complete certainty that they’ll be happy with their purchase; that it’ll make them happy and/or solve some issue they have.

Are people buying from you like you think they should?

How helpful is your offering?   Are you getting hung up on price objections?   If so, we can assure you that it’s almost never actually about the money or the budget, regardless of what they’re saying.

9 times out of 10 it’s something specific that you didn’t uncover or convince them of.

If it was really about the price, people wouldn’t spend $6 on one cup of coffee when they can buy a bag of beans for $9.

Consider how many times you’ve paid more than you could afford and you loved it.

Honestly, how many times in our life have we made since of going over budget?  We found something that we weren’t even looking for and decided to buy it on impulse.

Remember, it’s almost never price…

And if that’s the case, then what is it about?  It’s about our process, our ability to read people and our determination to close the deal.  Keep in mind that people love a good offer…  but they are persuaded by confidence.

So if you’re looking to be a better, more effective salesperson, then keep in mind the following.  One, customers are humans, just like you.  Two, people buy stuff to solve a problem and because they fell in love.  And three, because of number two, it’s hardly ever about price.

Which means for you to be an effective salesperson you’ll need to get yourself skilled up and tuned up at being agreeable with people.  From there you need to get dialed in at being able to see things from their perspective.  This is how you uncover what their real problem is and then present the value that is your solution.

Because as we learned in Sell Or Be Sold and in Cardone U, “when value exceeds price, people hook up.”

be an effective salesperson