Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes:  Why the Happiest People Are Rich

Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes:  Why the Happiest People Are Rich

Why the happiest people are rich is the main topic of discussion here.  Recently, Grant Cardone flew out to see Lewis Howes in Hollywood for an interview on his super popular podcast The School of Greatness.  This 80 minute conversation is loaded with GOLD NUGGETS for those who seek to have greatness in their lives.  Lewis Howes had Grant on the verge of tears on multiple occasions.

Here’s a few of the things they talked about:

  • Why people hate sales
  • Why the middle class is doomed
  • The Reason why you have to get great at something you hate
  • The best places to invest your money
  • How Grant convinced his wife to marry him
  • Why you can’t just do what you love
  • How billionaires operate differently from millionaires

Why the Happiest People Are Rich

Now what?  It’s time for a gut check.  Whether in a meeting with your team or in a meeting with yourself or maybe even your family, after going through this video, take a hard look at the following:

ONE:  Are you in sales?  Perhaps the more appropriate question is, considering we’re all in sales to one degree or another, do you hate it?  What do you not know about selling that if you did know, you’d love it?

TWO:  What’s one or two things you hate doing that if you got great at it, your life would change dramatically for the better?

THREE: How much time and money do you invest in you?  Is it enough?

FOUR:  Are you thinking big enough?  If not, what shift can you make right now to start thinking bigger?

FIVE:  What kind of legacy to you want to leave?

This is just the start.  If you’re building a house, you need a blue print.  Use your answers here to build that blue print.  Construction requires work.  It requires you do things you don’t necessarily want to do.  There may even be suffering involved.  Consider every human being that has ever reached greatness and realize they all did things they didn’t want to, they all suffered and they all paid a huge price.

Why the Happiest People Are Rich