The Reality of Hurricane Irma and Harvey

Hurricane Irma and Harvey

The Reality of Hurricane Irma and Harvey

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  I am sure this past week has been stressful for many of you, your loved ones and friends. Florida was hit hard with Hurricane Irma—just one week after Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey. People pulled together to batten down facilities and keep things moving forward as the cleanup is now in full force. Storms like Irma and Harvey are a reminder to me of why I do what I do.  I constantly see people getting settled in, deluded into thinking they are entitled to dry clothes, electricity, transportation, a place to live and the everyday essentials just because they are good people.

Bad things happen to good people. 

The reality of hurricane Irma and Harvey is that they are reminders that most are not ready to weather long-term setbacks.

Many small businesses will not make it after being forced to shut down business for a week. Products spoil, inventory sits on shelves, and rent is due again in a couple of weeks. And then there is the physical damage done to the stores and the windows, the water leakage, etc…  The fact is many small businesses are simply too small to deal with a week-long hurricane interruption to their cash flow.

This is also true with individuals. Some people choose not to evacuate out of areas under threat not because they don’t want to.  Because it’s too financially burdensome to drive out of state and stay at a hotel for a few days. Storms are financial setbacks, and most people don’t have in their budget a Hurricane Irma.

I hope these storms remind you to get yourself in a better position to secure your freedom for you and yours.

A 35-hour work week may not be what you need to be doing right now. If you are making a middle-class income, work-life balance is the wrong goal. You don’t need balance in your life—you need money.

Here are 2 reminders that Irma and Harvey can give you…

hurricane irma and harvey