How to hire salespeople

How to hire salespeople

How to hire salespeople

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  If you’re trying to figure out how to hire salespeople, the real question you want to ask is, how do I hire the right sales people!

I’ve got a team right now of 16 salespeople making cold calls around the clock. They get paid on commissions, which means they only eat what they kill. It can be a tough gig, but for those that make it work, it’s lucrative. Sales is a great career to go into, and if you have a business, you need great salespeople.

You will only expand to the extent that you can get your product or service out to the marketplace. You need great salespeople to do that. My friend Tom Cummins—CEO of a $600 million dollar business—talked about surrounding yourself with the right people in your organization at 10XGrowthCon:

The hardest part that I find to being an executive is choosing which people you want to have around you. You need to know how to spot those people that are not going to work for you. I’m always on the watch out for those who are thieves/criminals, and stupid people. I don’t know which ones are more dangerous.

The criminal guy, you can get a feel for him even though he’s a little slippery, but that stupid person sitting with that smile on their face… they are all happy and dumb as a post… they are dangerous too. I don’t know which one causes more damage. You need to learn how to watch out for either one of these guys when you start really bringing together a team.


People are looking for successful people to follow. If you go ahead and you put together all this work, and you put together all these amazingly competent, beautiful people that you’re going to be working with, they still need to be led.
Not ordered, not forced into doing stuff, because if you’ve got those kind of people, you’ve got the wrong ones. You have to be like, ‘That’s the objective, that’s the mountain, come on man, let’s go climb.’  You will only be successful to the degree that other people push you up and make it their game too…