The formula for failure

formula for failure

The formula for failure

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  You may hear sometimes about various superbugs traveling around South America or Asia, but the only epidemic you should be afraid of is the plague of average spreading across the entire United States of America. This outbreak of mediocrity is not going to go away. The only vaccine that will protect you from being normal is to go 10X.  What does it take to be average?  Consider these stats:

The Average person will watch TV for 9.1 years. This is about 2.8 hours a day. Watching TV accounts for half of all leisure time. Don’t be average in this area. How much work could you get done while the average person sits in front of the tube?

The Average American spends 4.7 hours per day on their smartphone. Unless you are cold calling people to get known and making sales, you shouldn’t be on the phone very long. The average person is playing Angry Birds and checking their Facebook news feed. If you don’t want to be average, use your phone differently than the masses.

The average Americans diet consists of 55% junk food. Food is fuel. Your body is an amazing machine. Would you put junk into a Lamborghini? Why would you do it to an even greater vehicle? You have to go around every day in your body—you can’t escape it. If you don’t take care of it now you will pay the price later. Don’t eat like average people.


To be extraordinary you must do the things others refuse to do. It takes the same amount of energy to have a great marriage as it does an average one, just as it takes the same amount of energy and effort to make $10 million as it does $10,000.