The difference between broke vs. poor

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The difference between broke vs. poor

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  Stay broke. I said broke—not poor.  Have a policy to never, ever have money sitting around.

You need to immediately move any surpluses to sacred accounts that are out of your reach and marked for future investments.

Years ago, as soon as I started increasing my income, I went to my employer and told him to withdraw 40 percent of my gross pay before taxes and direct deposit those funds into personal accounts I had set up.

They said they couldn’t do that. I said, “You do it for the IRS, you can do it for me.”

I set up three savings accounts, which I labeled something special, and treated these as sacred future investment accounts. (Never use a 401k for these funds.)

I remember when I first heard Michael Douglas say in the movie Wall Street, “Money doesn’t sleep.” I thought to myself, “But it gets bored!”

We both know from watching other people handle money that when money sits around it gets spent, wasted, and blown.  They stay poor.  I’m suggesting you stay broke.

Don’t trust yourself to have cash sitting around, as soon as you create these surplus monies, direct all of it to accounts reserved to make future investments and create future passive income flows!

If you have a money shortage, and you have nothing left over to set aside, I can help you!

There is no shortage of money on this planet, so if you have none, it’s about some deficiency you have regarding money.

I want you to stay broke—not poor!  This is the difference between broke vs poor.  

There are special, exclusive trainings on How to Become a Millionaire where I deep dive into subjects like this and help you stay broke vs poor.

Here’s a few suggestions are where to go from here on your path to millions: