Grant Cardone Follow Up Training

How to increase your "be backs" by 400%!  

48% of salespeople do not follow up. Of the 25% that do, they only make 1-2 attempts. Most transactions occur between the 8-12th attempt

  • 365 day FOLLOW UP plan with the most advanced follow-up strategies in the known universe
  • Effective follow-up requires Organization, Persistence, Creativity, and the correct expectation of effort 
  • REALITY: the more customers coming back means more deals because the 70% of all be-backs do the deal.


Grant Cardone Phone Sales Training

“Cardone On Demand is an incredible tool that is beneficial in many ways. It not only trains new salespeople and sharpens veterans, but it truly pulls your team together. When everyone is on the same page, magic happens”

-Glenn Lundy | GM | Dan Cummins Chevrolet

Have you ever felt like your salespeople are not following up like they should?

  • How to Increase Be Backs Back 400%
  • Learn the Voicemail That Is Guaranteed to Get a Callback
  • 365 Days of Pre-Planned Follow-Up
  • The Most Effective Follow-Up Tool You Are NOT Using
Grant Cardone Follow Up
Grant Cardone Follow Up
Grant Cardone Follow Up
Grant Cardone Follow Up