Grant Cardone Automotive Sales Training

What would a 15-30% Production increase in NINETY DAYS look like for your dealership?  

We have a process that will increase your sales and profitability, while reducing your costs and expanding market share. 

  • 87% of salespeople miss their quota
  • 70% of employees are disengaged
  • 64% of salespeople have no playbook and no plan when on a call
  • 48% of salespeople never follow up with a customer; even once
  • 80% of sales managers don’t have time to train their people

We have solutions for all this!

Grant Cardone Automotive Sales Training

“Cardone On Demand is an incredible tool that is beneficial in many ways. It not only trains new salespeople and sharpens veterans, but it truly pulls your team together. When everyone is on the same page, magic happens”

-Glenn Lundy | GM | Dan Cummins Chevrolet

Would you consider?

  • What does a bad hire cost you? Would a 20% reduction in turnover be helpful?
  • Imagine having a word track that would double your write-up ratio in 24 hours or less... 
  • What if you never ever had to come up with sales meeting material ever again (unless you want to)? 
  • The cost of disengaged employees across the US is over $500 Billion.  
  • How many of your salespeople are disengaged at any one given time?
  • With customers shopping fewer and fewer dealerships before they buy, being flawless is more important now than ever.

The Core Online Sales Curriculum Includes: 

  • Sales Management Training 
  • Management Coaching 
  • Training Sales Meetings 
  • New Hire On Boarding 
  • Sales Process Training 
  • Closing the Deal Training 
  • Phone Training BDC and Internet Sales Training 
  • Follow-up Training 
  • Sales Prospecting Training
  • Customer Service Training 
  • Motivation Training 
  • Hiring Training 
  • Service Advisor Training 
  • Personality Assessments 
  • Sales Assessments