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Grant Cardone's 7 Rules of Selling

Watch Grant Cardone from a live seminar breakdown the 7 rules for selling 


Grant Cardone's 7 Rules Of Selling

  • Always Agree With The Buyer
  • Treat Everyone Like A Millionaire
  • Write Up Every Buyer
  • Never Quit On A Buyer
  • Follow Up Every Buyer
  • Be willing to "Hard Sell"
  • Become a Closing Machine

7 Weeks To A Better You

ACTION IDEA: Rate yourself in each catigory on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten being a total rockstar and one being you need some real help in this area. Then organize the list starting from the lowest number to the highest. Once you've identified your biggest opportunity for improvement, it's time to get after it. 

Put all your attention on one rule for the next 7 days then move on to the next rule. Make sure to track your progress too. Look at and track things like your current sales volume, closing ratio, appointment set to show ratio, demo ratio, write-up ratio so you know that your training is producing a result for yourself and your business. Imagine where you can be in the next 49 days or 7 weeks?

If you'd like to dig deeper, I've got four suggestions for you...  

1. Read and study Grant's book Sell Or Be Sold. This is the foundation book. Everything Grant teaching springboards from the book. If you don't have a copy already that should be the first place you start. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW.  

2. If you need to tighten up your closing skills and become that "closing machine," Grant's second book will help you there. CHECK OUT The Closer's Survival Guide book and mp3 package.  

3. Lastly, I'd like to gift you with FREE access to Cardone University. Did you know that continuous education and development will make you 88% more effective? CLICK HERE to sign up for free access to the #1 sales training program on the planet!